Computer System Operation (IT-020-3:2013)

To produce computer system technicians with basic knowledge of computer hardware, software and networks, up-to-date information about the latest developments in ICT, problem-solving ability and good communication skills while dealing with clients or peers.

CU1: Computer system Set-up

CU2: Computer system Maintenance

CU3: Computer system Repair

CU4: Server installation

CU5: Server Maintenance

CU6: Computer Network Connectivity set-up

CU7: Mobile Device Configuration

  1. Subjek English
  2. Subjek Matematik
  3. Pengenalan kepada IR4.0
  1. Computer specialist
  2. Computer Technologies
  3. IT Sales Professional
  4. Technical Sales Engineer
Computer System Administration (IT-020-4:2013)

To produce IT Executive who is competent to supervises and assigns job order to computer technician, operates and maintains desktop and laptop computers with special focus on customer and their business needs, perform various system administration activities such as operating system administration, evaluating, testing and installation of applications, performing or assisting with routine system maintenance and producing & maintaining current system configurations to maintain efficient day-to-day operation and to create, maintain records of inventories.

CU1: Server Configuration

CU2: Computer Network Installation Management

CU3: Computer System Security Control

CU4: Computer System Maintenance Management

CU5: Computer System and Network Procurement

  1. Green Card CIDB
  2. Subjek Keusahawanan
  1. IT Manager
  2. Computer specialist
  3. Computer Technologies
  4. IT Sales Professional
  5. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)